Greenland melting is caused by two main things. Pollution and Global Warming. By using a lot of energy and fossil fuels we are killing our earth. We are polluting it. Fossil fuels let out carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide goes in to the atmosphere creating a thick layer of gasses. Now, our earth naturally has a small layer of gas in the atmosphere to prevent all of the sun's heat from earth. This is necessary to have a climate that is not too cold. But when we let out carbon dioxide from fossil fuels that is extra carbon dioxide making the atmosphere's gas layer even thicker. This stops the unecessary heat from the sun from leaving our earth.

When the heat that we don't need doesn't leave it starts to heat up the earth. In turn the temperatures rise across the globe. This includes Greenland. When the tempartures rise the ice starts to melt. Now the temperatures have increased so much that the ice on Greenland is melting at an alarmingly fast rate.

The melting is getting even faster because of the pollution. Factories and other things are letting out smoke and black dust. This settles on the ice. The black causes the ice to absorb more heat making the melt faster than usual.